October 28, 2006

Announcing: Bucky Barkley Studio

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[update Nov 20: nope, Galleria Della Luna to open first :-]

I’m opening my in-world Studio in a few days. Come check out my Scripts and Photography!

The location is:
Bucky Barkley Studio, Seopophang (56, 130, 119)


The photo above may not reflect reality, as the entire building is hooked up to my Texture Chooser … aha! Save prims and demo on a big scale! People will be able to walk in and change the textures of the Studio itself, or cycle through some themes.

I will give away demo objects of my scripts: Radio, Web Browser, and of course, the Texture Chooser.

I will also be showing photos from my exhibit on Info Island. I’ll do another post on this, but a quick link to the show is:
“Blurred Realties” – Info Island (24, 125, 33)

More on the Studio soon!


October 24, 2006


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Actually, I should say “2L projects” …

Aside from my gallery and photo show on Info Island (24, 125, 33), I have three programming projects I’ve worked on in-world:

  • Radio – posted as “Bucky’s Radio” on the forums. This was the start of my use of a dialog & chat driven interface. The radio makes it easy to sort and find streams from a list of 50 or so.
  • Web Browser – also posted to the forums. This is the same sort of dialog and chat interface, except oriented at launching an external web browser. The browser is used extensively in the libraries at Info Island.
  • Texture Chooser – posted as “Bucky’s Texture Chooser” on the forums. Same interface. This is aimed at changing entire themes of a room, building, or whatever linked object you’d like

The Texture Chooser is the project I am most excited about. It allows you to walk around a room or a building, point at types of surfaces (floor, wall, window), and interactively choose texture, alpha level, rotation, lighting, and many more attributes. I have a demo object I can give out in-world. I have a large testbed where I continue to get it ready for an official 1.0 release. The Gallery I built uses the texture chooser – so you can see the effect of changing themes on a building in real time.

So … plans. I will soon open a place on my 512 plot to give out demo objects for my 3 projects!  I will announce that in the next week or so.  The other thing on my mind is where to cut off features for the texture chooser, and to focus on a commercial version.

October 20, 2006

Frikken Lasers

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Ha. It would be great to start this blog out with some grand sociological treatise. You know, something like “this Web 3D thing will render the interstate highway system obsolete, because everyone will be content to do their e-voting from the splendor of their lag-free 512M plot”.

Alas, I feel no such need. I’ll get serious later… maybe. I just wanted to grab a shot of the sharks with frikken lasers on their head:


This is somewhere off the coast of the “MillionsOfUs” Sim.

October 17, 2006

Startin’ Out

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I’m a longtime blogger..as in, three years or so ..

But Bucky is newish, and deserves a separate space.

So here goes :-)