November 20, 2006

Perfectly Pickled Prims (an update)

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Hey there, since Second Life is down down down, I’ll post a little update …

If you use my radio or web browser, there has been a recent update. There was a bug in handling URLs with ‘=’ in them. It’s fixed. It was a silly bug. I am really a much better scripter than that! Contact me in-world for an update, or see my profile for a link to my studio (which has the updated radio). What’s that, you say? You say dont want to update? You dont have to! Use for your linkage needs.


  • A new Art Show for the Library Gallery is in the Works! What: literature and art, authored by women. Huh? What? Comics/Sequential Art by women! I am seeking women artists in this genre with a strong voice.
    • Techie Notes: There will be an architectural change (deep basement!) for this show, and a revised art frame that can use a nice dialog to spit out notecards, web links, and aid in navigation.
  • My gallery on Info Island II: Galleria Della Luna, will be opening soon! I will say here and now that the opening party will be Sunday, December 3rd. It will actually be open sooner, but there’s a surprise I will be getting together that should be, er, working by that night. Check out the rooftop park.
  • The studio (mentioned in a previous post) opens the week after. The difference in the studio is that my scripting will be there, and things will be for sale.

In early December, I will resume work on the texture chooser. I can now display the face numbers of a prim (for determining which sides get associated with a given type — floor, wall, interior, etc). I plan on adding:

  • undo
  • unlimited textures (attach an inventory prim, select its set, and go …)
  • span objects – remove the limit of the texture chooser having to work with an object at a time

November 5, 2006

The New York Frikken Times!

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So wow, my Blurred Realities show (now closed) got mentioned in the New York Times!

See “It’s My (Virtual) World …” in the November 3rd edition.

The photos will soon be on display in my studio, and another currently undisclosed location.

This makes me pine to get back to NYC for a bit.  In any case, I am going to start shooting some Fall pics.