November 20, 2006

Perfectly Pickled Prims (an update)

Posted in projects at 9:51 pm by buckybarkley

Hey there, since Second Life is down down down, I’ll post a little update …

If you use my radio or web browser, there has been a recent update. There was a bug in handling URLs with ‘=’ in them. It’s fixed. It was a silly bug. I am really a much better scripter than that! Contact me in-world for an update, or see my profile for a link to my studio (which has the updated radio). What’s that, you say? You say dont want to update? You dont have to! Use for your linkage needs.


  • A new Art Show for the Library Gallery is in the Works! What: literature and art, authored by women. Huh? What? Comics/Sequential Art by women! I am seeking women artists in this genre with a strong voice.
    • Techie Notes: There will be an architectural change (deep basement!) for this show, and a revised art frame that can use a nice dialog to spit out notecards, web links, and aid in navigation.
  • My gallery on Info Island II: Galleria Della Luna, will be opening soon! I will say here and now that the opening party will be Sunday, December 3rd. It will actually be open sooner, but there’s a surprise I will be getting together that should be, er, working by that night. Check out the rooftop park.
  • The studio (mentioned in a previous post) opens the week after. The difference in the studio is that my scripting will be there, and things will be for sale.

In early December, I will resume work on the texture chooser. I can now display the face numbers of a prim (for determining which sides get associated with a given type — floor, wall, interior, etc). I plan on adding:

  • undo
  • unlimited textures (attach an inventory prim, select its set, and go …)
  • span objects – remove the limit of the texture chooser having to work with an object at a time

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