October 26, 2007

Yep Yep, I’m Here

Posted in Info Island, projects at 10:53 am by buckybarkley

Been too long so hi y’all!

I thought I’d touch base.  Wont say much now, but a lot to report soon! 

So stoked with building and scripting in  SL.  I recently checked out Prim.Docker, and love it.  It’s great for aligning edges, spanning gaps, and does some groovy things with spanning textures across prims.

A little note to newer folks who want to learn everything in sight — don’t!

Some of my greatest joy in SL is knowing what I am good at, and knowing friends that can fill in the gaps of what I dont.  This also helps me not go into total hermit mode!  No way am I going to master all of the 3D texture, animation, and physics scripting aspects of SL.  Collaboration is the way, y’all.

Pick a couple of things, stay focused, and make friends :)

Well enough of that!   I’ll update soon — lots of projects just finished, a party to do tonight (TX950), and a Museum of Music to ponder. 


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