December 23, 2007

LibShow 3.0 Xmas gift

Posted in bucky, Info Island at 11:17 am by buckybarkley

Greetings! If you are someone I know in Second Life, chances are I gave you my texture/slideshow object: LibShow 3.0.  What does it do?

  • can resize picture and background prims on a per texture basis
  • can give out a notecard, landmark, picture, and object on a per texture basis
  • can go to a web address (arbitrary, or a shortcut to per texture
Or you can toss a few textures in it and say “done”.
If you didn’t get one — ask me!  The current version is available for personal or non-profit use. 
This version is the grand merge of the slideshow objects I had done for Info Island event boards, and for the old art gallery.  You can see it in production at the MuMu (Musem of Music).   I am already at work on a client/server version (ability to swap between many different sets of textures).  The 4.0 version will be called ‘Protean’.
I want to thank my Chief Collaborator: Abbey Zenith, my Executive Producer: Lorelei Junot, the feedback of DeeDee Deepdene, and that of many others!

 Trivia: The ‘comrade’ picture is a still from a Bikini Kill video — Rebel Girl — and no I’m not a Maoist!  I just like the campy image.  Swap in your own, for cryin out loud! :)