January 28, 2008

Goal: Work In SL

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A sort of quick note about a major goal of mine …

A big goal of mine is to work (professionally) in Second Life much more. I want to straddle web development and SL Scripting (I also build, write, and do many other things, but my core tech skills are those of a programmer).

Areas of interest:

  • RSS Feeds in SL
  • integration of SL and Web services (im, flickr via quicktime, amazon)
  • using the web for search on SL items/keys – cataloging SL items
  • use of client / server patterns within a sim to swap objects (rez specific objects as needed – such as web monitors and slideshows)

There are many items I could add to that.

Obviously some will want to know what I do on server side :)

I am a solid LAMP person, having started with BSD Unix in the early 80’s. Ask me and I’ll point you at my RL resume.

In the meantime, I am pretty busy during the day doing a lot of PHP programming, along with some Perl (and JavaScript/AJAX, and even Tcl on occasion).

I am  thinking  that putting this out there will lend a bit to serendipity!


January 18, 2008

All the cool, brilliant, innovative people, leave the room :)

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See on Gwyn’s blog : Hitler Explains Second Life
(an R rated fantasy of OpenSim overtaking SL :) 

January 17, 2008


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[Update March 17, 2008 – ShowGive became “Slider” a week after this post – and the terms of purchase are a bit different — to be reflected in the docs]

Now that WebMon is situated and for sale, it’s time to announce the next product.

Some of you are familiar with LibShow; either from seeing or using it in the Info Island collections, or seeing the more arty variant in the Art Gallery or the MuMu.

LibShow has a new name: ShowGive

This reflects the idea that each texture can give out items (a Notecard, LM, Object, and/or a Texture), as well as lead to a web address. Show textures, and optionally Give out items.

The current LibShow 3.x will get a few minor sprucing up touches, and will be renamed to ShowGive. You can get a preview version from me today. ShowGive goes on sale for 300L late this month. As usual, Info Island, non-profit, and personal use will be free.

January 15, 2008

WebMon Docs Now Available …

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You may find the WebMon 2.5 Documentation of use.

Let me know of any comments, feedback, etc.

January 13, 2008

WebMon 2.52 Update (backgrounds, other objects)

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This is an update to make the WebMon script (bwb) work in other objects.

By default, WebMon will change the background screen. If you toss a texture into the inventory and call it “background”, it will use that.

If you are attempting to use the script in a different object, you may not want it to change any textures. So, two things to know:

  • If the object name starts with anything besides “WebMon”, it wont change the texture upon startup
  • If you want to refer to a texture where you know the key, there is a new option that can be used in the “urls” file — “backgroundTexture” (more below)

The “backgroundTexture” option in the urls notecard looks like this:

# show me the default plywood:
backgroundtexture = 89556747-24cb-43ed-920b-47caed15465f

To get the key for a texture (must be copiable) from your main inventory, you right click on the texture and choose “copy asset UUID”. That puts it on the clipboard for pasting.

To prevent the background from being changed:

# don't change the background:
backgroundtexture = 0

Note: Changing the background affects face #1 in the root prim.

January 12, 2008

Announcing The Buckaroo Shops …

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I am staying true to my New Years Resolution.

By opening two shops!

The Main Shop:

  • scripted objects (WebMon now, LibShow soon)
  • RL Photos (my zoom blurs) 
  • PreFab Buildings (the tower seen at Info and Healthinfo Islands)

The PodShow Island Shop:

  • scripted objects
  • gateway to main store

I’ll announce some sort of opening event for the main store soon. The idea for the secondary stores is to have an outpost that gateways into the main one.

Next up: do some visual documentation for WebMon :)

WebMon 2.51 update

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A quicky update / bug fix for WebMon:
When an object has a blank description field, it will sometimes set to “(No Description)”.  This would then get picked up by the script, and would set the hovertext to “(No Description)”.
I’ve fixed this so that case is ignored.

January 11, 2008

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Whee – It’s out there!
(more after the cheesy pretty picture)

WebMon 2.5 Ad

I released WebMon 2.5 today.  Those who make their way to the Info International Reference Desk can get it for free for a limited time.  WebMon will always be free for non-commercial use on the Info Island Archipelago (can send me a notecard in-world requesting copies for project or personal use).
This is also a commercial product — the first one available from Buckaroo.  More on that bit soon.
To do much more with WebMon, I could go in three directions:
  1. use a second script in the object to handle more sophisticated item giveaway, larger bookmark list, more customization options
  2. make use of an external web site, in order to integrate RSS feeds from multiple sources
  3. make use of my Protean client/server scripts, in order to do swaps of WebMon objects from one topic to another

The goal will always be to keep things simple — throw URLs into a notecard and use it.   The README file details the options which can be added to the “urls” notecard, but they certainly are not required to get going.

January 5, 2008

libmon update soon

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For those of you using my web monitor all over the Info Islands, I’m going to do an update soon!

The two key things I see as useful:

  • add a button to give out any notecards (named “NOTE.whatever”)
  • if there is a description in the prim, use that for hovertext above the monitor

This should go a long way towards eliminating the need to put external scripts in the libmon object.

The other update (farther out) will be to make libmon compatible with my Protean client/server system — this will enable rezzing libmon on the fly (along with libshow)

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