January 1, 2008

Bucky 2008

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Happy New Year!

I used to think I would never make New Years Resolutions. The idea was “start doing something different when it seems like a good idea to do so”.

Well, hah, that can be flimsy.

I suppose the point of the NYR is that it’s a huge symbolic fresh start. So I better take advantage of that.

Right, so let’s get started — these are in no particular order:

  • I will open a store. Really. People keep asking me where they can buy this or that script. I take it as a SIGN, so yes, I will follow through in January. First item is to find a decent place to rent, or to build. Another desire for doing the store is so that I can point to it and have it answer questions when I am not on.
  • Update my SL Portfolio — have done several scripts & builds since I have last touched it.
  • Yes, I have an art gallery somewhat finished. I have been off on other projects, but will do an opening in mid-February.
  • There are two large ongoing projects: MuMu (Museum of Music) and an island that I dont think has been announced just yet — so I wont jump the gun on that.
  • BuckyRadio needs a slight revamp. It will get a search function in the menu.
  • Protean is my client/server project for swapping out entire slideshow objects (pick from amongst many that the server has in inventory). I have begun demoing this, and will add libmon (the web monitor) to its capabilities in the next week or so.
  • Better Documentation for what’s out there now.

It would be easy to toss another 10 small projects in there, but those are the first ones I want to address.

The other SL-specific resolution is simply to make better use of time. That could mean that I dive into “busy” mode or another alt altogether, in order to get something done. I suppose that means that when I am in Hermit/Mad Scientist mode, I really mean it. And when I am being Social, I really mean that too!

Right, on with 2008!


Update: got a parcel, and the store will be called ‘Buckaroo’.  And it’s still January 1st!


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