January 11, 2008

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Whee – It’s out there!
(more after the cheesy pretty picture)

WebMon 2.5 Ad

I released WebMon 2.5 today.  Those who make their way to the Info International Reference Desk can get it for free for a limited time.  WebMon will always be free for non-commercial use on the Info Island Archipelago (can send me a notecard in-world requesting copies for project or personal use).
This is also a commercial product — the first one available from Buckaroo.  More on that bit soon.
To do much more with WebMon, I could go in three directions:
  1. use a second script in the object to handle more sophisticated item giveaway, larger bookmark list, more customization options
  2. make use of an external web site, in order to integrate RSS feeds from multiple sources
  3. make use of my Protean client/server scripts, in order to do swaps of WebMon objects from one topic to another

The goal will always be to keep things simple — throw URLs into a notecard and use it.   The README file details the options which can be added to the “urls” notecard, but they certainly are not required to get going.

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