January 13, 2008

WebMon 2.52 Update (backgrounds, other objects)

Posted in bucky at 7:15 pm by buckybarkley

This is an update to make the WebMon script (bwb) work in other objects.

By default, WebMon will change the background screen. If you toss a texture into the inventory and call it “background”, it will use that.

If you are attempting to use the script in a different object, you may not want it to change any textures. So, two things to know:

  • If the object name starts with anything besides “WebMon”, it wont change the texture upon startup
  • If you want to refer to a texture where you know the key, there is a new option that can be used in the “urls” file — “backgroundTexture” (more below)

The “backgroundTexture” option in the urls notecard looks like this:

# show me the default plywood:
backgroundtexture = 89556747-24cb-43ed-920b-47caed15465f

To get the key for a texture (must be copiable) from your main inventory, you right click on the texture and choose “copy asset UUID”. That puts it on the clipboard for pasting.

To prevent the background from being changed:

# don't change the background:
backgroundtexture = 0

Note: Changing the background affects face #1 in the root prim.


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