January 17, 2008


Posted in buckaroo, bucky, SecondLife at 12:01 pm by buckybarkley

[Update March 17, 2008 – ShowGive became “Slider” a week after this post – and the terms of purchase are a bit different — to be reflected in the docs]

Now that WebMon is situated and for sale, it’s time to announce the next product.

Some of you are familiar with LibShow; either from seeing or using it in the Info Island collections, or seeing the more arty variant in the Art Gallery or the MuMu.

LibShow has a new name: ShowGive

This reflects the idea that each texture can give out items (a Notecard, LM, Object, and/or a Texture), as well as lead to a web address. Show textures, and optionally Give out items.

The current LibShow 3.x will get a few minor sprucing up touches, and will be renamed to ShowGive. You can get a preview version from me today. ShowGive goes on sale for 300L late this month. As usual, Info Island, non-profit, and personal use will be free.


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