January 28, 2008

Goal: Work In SL

Posted in bucky, projects at 6:40 pm by buckybarkley

A sort of quick note about a major goal of mine …

A big goal of mine is to work (professionally) in Second Life much more. I want to straddle web development and SL Scripting (I also build, write, and do many other things, but my core tech skills are those of a programmer).

Areas of interest:

  • RSS Feeds in SL
  • integration of SL and Web services (im, flickr via quicktime, amazon)
  • using the web for search on SL items/keys – cataloging SL items
  • use of client / server patterns within a sim to swap objects (rez specific objects as needed – such as web monitors and slideshows)

There are many items I could add to that.

Obviously some will want to know what I do on server side :)

I am a solid LAMP person, having started with BSD Unix in the early 80’s. Ask me and I’ll point you at my RL resume.

In the meantime, I am pretty busy during the day doing a lot of PHP programming, along with some Perl (and JavaScript/AJAX, and even Tcl on occasion).

I am  thinking  that putting this out there will lend a bit to serendipity!


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