February 18, 2008

Masses @ MuMu (show opening)

Posted in MuMu at 6:25 pm by buckybarkley

Well what a hoot!

The British Invasion show at the MuMu opened yesterday, and I am super pleased with how it went. Abbey had a sort of last minute addition of a dance flag (Union Jack high overhead), and it worked out great..

….. cause people wouldn’t leave!

We started at 3 and were still going strong at 7!

In the first 21 hours, we had 105 unique visitors. A professor at Penn State is showing the exhibit to his Info Sciences and Tech class today in an auditorium. I also saw a pretty good recommendation in the Avastar

So I am stoked. There are things about the show that I dont think are done, or that I would do differently now. But… to use a Steve Jobs quote: “Real Artists Ship”. Much as I wanted to hold off on the show for a week, I couldn’t (Abbey reminded me we were already announced all over).

I’ve been asked quite a bit about the video stuff. Much of it along the lines of “I thought you couldn’t do that!”.

It’s true. It’s impossible!

Actually, the trick is to key video to the AV on the parcel, not to the entire parcel — Long story short: VidMon will be a product for sale in the not too distant future, and it will make the process of setting up per-user video pretty easy. Of course, the FFRC, info island, and non-profits will get VidMon for free!

In any case, thanks to all who have come so far.  Come back and peruse when it is quiet.  If you have not been to show yet, please drop by — and pick up a show program at the front desk (or the brick wall).  There’s a good set of show notes in that.


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