March 19, 2008

Ready, Set, Go Slider!

Posted in buckaroo, Slider tagged at 10:16 am by buckybarkley

Slider 3.0 is available at my store.

It displays textures, and allows a lot of flexibility for what you can do and offer for each one:

  • display textures – slideshow mode + manually advance / go back
  • resize foreground and background per texture, as well as control over alpha, color, repeats, offsets, rotation, etc
  • give out items per texture (Landmark, Notecard, Object, Texture)
  • go to web addresses per texture
  • Amazon web site shortcut per texture

Documentation: Slider 3.0 Documentation

Go to my store: Buckaroo

Giddyup :)

p.s. I know I gave out some samples where the background textures weren’t copiable — whoops, my bad. It’s not an error in the script, just a silly permissions issue. Contact me and I will give you one with the corrected permissions (and yes, this only applies to the people I already gave this to :)


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