April 20, 2008

Big Buckaroo Change Coming

Posted in bucky tagged at 6:58 pm by buckybarkley

Before I make any sort of announcement, I want to thank my customers past and present. They are an inspiration. Thanks for checking out my store and using my products.

I am going to change the business model of my store, Buckaroo. I have some RL constraints on my time, and want to be careful about how I spend it in SL.  I have not decided when this takes effect — just “sometime soon”.

The model is going to be: get items by coming to the store and optionally leaving a donation, and payment for support.

I have written very good documentation for my products on this site. I hope people will find the answers they need here. If they cant find what they need, I may be able to come out and answer questions personally. My fee will start at 500 Lindens.

By essentially giving stuff away, my products get out there, and some who use them will be able to help each other. I get a wider base of active users, and this in turn can lead to interesting future work in SL and elsewhere

I will be changing permissions on my products to be mod only. If someone wants copies, they can get what they need individually.


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