About Bucky …

Hello from Bucky Barkley!

“Bucky” is who I am on Second Life. What’s that, you say? Second Life? Is that one of dem damn cults or something like that?

Nope. Think Web 3D – shared virtual world. Poof.. there went a few folks…

So I script, build, make friends in the virtual world, and try to relate it back to the Web and to Real Life. I’ve been on the Web since 1994 or so – 2L is a welcome step forward!



  1. Bucky, hi! It’s Valerie Hawkins of the American Library Association aka ALALibraryVal Miles in Second Life. I put up a photo set of the snapshots I took in the Museum of Music on my Flickr account, over at:

    Let me know if this is a problem in any way.

    Congratulations on your grant for MuMu!

  2. Yolanda (DEESOURCE..) said,

    Hi, Bucky!

    Colleagues and I really love your elevator concept. Did you create that or did you find it somewhere? It is awesome.

    (a Distance Ed Librarian) from ECU

  3. buckybarkley said,

    Oh Hi Yolanda!

    I will guess that you mean the elevator in Bell Lib, Health Info, and in the China Cafe?

    That is mine :) (though I would bet there are similar ones around SL)

    Basic idea is that ‘up’ and ‘down’ are easy, and that some other button pops up a directory. In all cases I like to get someone tp’ed with a direct click (up, down, or pick a floor)

    Thanks for the feedback!


  4. Yolanda (DEESOURCE..) said,

    Yes, it is the Bell Tower. Colleagues and I have used it and checked it out.

    Thanks for replying. Can you let me know how we can get one? Are you selling your concept? ;-) Let us KNOW.

    We really like it alot. It would definitely be a fine addition to our 2 tier floor that at the moment has no built in staircase (at least not yet.)

    If you know of someone with a similar script/model can you please direct me and my colleagues to them.

    Thanks so much and keep up the wonderful work.


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