March 15, 2008

Dog & Pony Talkin’ Bout da WebMon and da VidMon

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I’ve been thrilled to give a couple of talks lately, and am doing another on Monday Morning (Teachers Buzz Session for NMC).  We’ve been demoing the use of WebMon, Slider, and VidMon.

The Monday morning session will be at the MuMu at 9am
I am up for doing more talks, so ping me if you have a group that is interested in getting info out in SL via web / slides / video.


February 3, 2008

British Invasion * MuMu * 2008

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British Invasion Banner

In February 17th, 2008, the British invade the Museum of Music on Infotainment.

My Co-Curator Abbey Zenith and I are hard at work immersing ourselves in the music of the 1960’s. The British Artists are:

  • Animals
  • Beatles
  • Dave Clark Five
  • Hermans Hermits
  • Kinks
  • Rolling Stones
  • Who
  • Yardbirds

This is the second MuMu exhibit. It will feature a very immersive 1960’s American household. We have extensive info on all 8 groups, lots of direct links to the music on Amazon, and some surprises in store.

A guiding bit about the MuMu is that we do focused shows on a given genre. We pick a time and a place. Something like “music of the 60’s” would be ridiculous. In narrowing down the British Invasion, some things get snipped out. We’re conscious / guilty of leaving out Petula, Cillia, Dusty, and Lulu. I also skipped Peter & Gordon. Limiting the show to the 8 groups gave it a focus we could tackle!

… And believe me, we will do a show that focuses on great women singers!

Another criteria of mine in selecting the bands was how they influenced things going forward. That was the thing that tipped my selection of The Yardbirds. Not only did they give some great mid-60’s hits, but they gave us Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, and Jimmy Page. That’s quite a spawning ground.

I’m looking forward to getting to opening night!


Quick Notes: the banner pic is an early mockup, and I expect it will change a bit before the exhibit.  Our executive producer is Lorelei Junot, and we’d like to thank the FFRC for a grant which has been of great help in getting this show together.

January 5, 2008

libmon update soon

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For those of you using my web monitor all over the Info Islands, I’m going to do an update soon!

The two key things I see as useful:

  • add a button to give out any notecards (named “NOTE.whatever”)
  • if there is a description in the prim, use that for hovertext above the monitor

This should go a long way towards eliminating the need to put external scripts in the libmon object.

The other update (farther out) will be to make libmon compatible with my Protean client/server system — this will enable rezzing libmon on the fly (along with libshow)

December 23, 2007

LibShow 3.0 Xmas gift

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Greetings! If you are someone I know in Second Life, chances are I gave you my texture/slideshow object: LibShow 3.0.  What does it do?

  • can resize picture and background prims on a per texture basis
  • can give out a notecard, landmark, picture, and object on a per texture basis
  • can go to a web address (arbitrary, or a shortcut to per texture
Or you can toss a few textures in it and say “done”.
If you didn’t get one — ask me!  The current version is available for personal or non-profit use. 
This version is the grand merge of the slideshow objects I had done for Info Island event boards, and for the old art gallery.  You can see it in production at the MuMu (Musem of Music).   I am already at work on a client/server version (ability to swap between many different sets of textures).  The 4.0 version will be called ‘Protean’.
I want to thank my Chief Collaborator: Abbey Zenith, my Executive Producer: Lorelei Junot, the feedback of DeeDee Deepdene, and that of many others!

 Trivia: The ‘comrade’ picture is a still from a Bikini Kill video — Rebel Girl — and no I’m not a Maoist!  I just like the campy image.  Swap in your own, for cryin out loud! :) 

October 26, 2007

Yep Yep, I’m Here

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Been too long so hi y’all!

I thought I’d touch base.  Wont say much now, but a lot to report soon! 

So stoked with building and scripting in  SL.  I recently checked out Prim.Docker, and love it.  It’s great for aligning edges, spanning gaps, and does some groovy things with spanning textures across prims.

A little note to newer folks who want to learn everything in sight — don’t!

Some of my greatest joy in SL is knowing what I am good at, and knowing friends that can fill in the gaps of what I dont.  This also helps me not go into total hermit mode!  No way am I going to master all of the 3D texture, animation, and physics scripting aspects of SL.  Collaboration is the way, y’all.

Pick a couple of things, stay focused, and make friends :)

Well enough of that!   I’ll update soon — lots of projects just finished, a party to do tonight (TX950), and a Museum of Music to ponder.