October 28, 2006

Announcing: Bucky Barkley Studio

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[update Nov 20: nope, Galleria Della Luna to open first :-]

I’m opening my in-world Studio in a few days. Come check out my Scripts and Photography!

The location is:
Bucky Barkley Studio, Seopophang (56, 130, 119)


The photo above may not reflect reality, as the entire building is hooked up to my Texture Chooser … aha! Save prims and demo on a big scale! People will be able to walk in and change the textures of the Studio itself, or cycle through some themes.

I will give away demo objects of my scripts: Radio, Web Browser, and of course, the Texture Chooser.

I will also be showing photos from my exhibit on Info Island. I’ll do another post on this, but a quick link to the show is:
“Blurred Realties” – Info Island (24, 125, 33)

More on the Studio soon!