March 19, 2008

Ready, Set, Go Slider!

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Slider 3.0 is available at my store.

It displays textures, and allows a lot of flexibility for what you can do and offer for each one:

  • display textures – slideshow mode + manually advance / go back
  • resize foreground and background per texture, as well as control over alpha, color, repeats, offsets, rotation, etc
  • give out items per texture (Landmark, Notecard, Object, Texture)
  • go to web addresses per texture
  • Amazon web site shortcut per texture

Documentation: Slider 3.0 Documentation

Go to my store: Buckaroo

Giddyup :)

p.s. I know I gave out some samples where the background textures weren’t copiable — whoops, my bad. It’s not an error in the script, just a silly permissions issue. Contact me and I will give you one with the corrected permissions (and yes, this only applies to the people I already gave this to :)


March 16, 2008

Ready, Set, Go VidMon!

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VidMon is available at my store.

Per-Person Video with menus.  What does that mean?  You and others can see:

  • same or different videos
  • same or different screens
  • same time
  • you only see one video at a time

Menus, searching, notecards, and more..


Documentation: VidMon 3.x Documentation

Go to my store: Buckaroo

Giddyup :)

Ready, Set…

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… Am getting set to release web docs for two products: VidMon, then Slider..

Listening to David Bowie’s “Alladin Sane” when I am not groovin to the Dub beats from my store.

Trying to behave and stay holed up in my lab :)

Ping me in-world or send an email if you want sample objects.

Ciao for now.

March 15, 2008

Dog & Pony Talkin’ Bout da WebMon and da VidMon

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I’ve been thrilled to give a couple of talks lately, and am doing another on Monday Morning (Teachers Buzz Session for NMC).  We’ve been demoing the use of WebMon, Slider, and VidMon.

The Monday morning session will be at the MuMu at 9am
I am up for doing more talks, so ping me if you have a group that is interested in getting info out in SL via web / slides / video.

March 4, 2008

Welcome VideoPoster 1.0!

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Since I have started the documentation here for VideoPoster, I am going to put a price on it at the Buckaroo store.

How Much? 100L!

Yes, the entry-level video product is pretty inexpensive. VidMon and VidMon Pro will be 300L and 500L, respectively.

Documentation: VideoPoster 1.0 Documentation

Go to my store: Buckaroo

Oh, and what does it do?

Per-Person video. I will have a lot to say about that soon ;)

February 29, 2008

Vella Shepherd – Get Well

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I miss my friend Vella Shepherd, who has been very sick.  I only know her from SL (and a few RL details, but not enough to inquire)

I’m hoping a search picks this up, and that Vella or someone that knows her can tell me something.

Be well – Slainte Mhath

February 23, 2008

Three Video Products On The Way…

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I will have 3 video products for sale soon.  The museum-specific VidMon has been running for over a week now, and people seem to like it.

  •  VideoPoster is the very simple product.  Set the description to the quicktime url, drag the poster texture into inventory and name it “screen-texture”. Deed the object if you need to.  Done!
  • VidMon will present a simple menu of available videos to pick from.
  • VidMon Pro will add the ability to search, change the aspect ratio of the frame, give out notes, and more
I will initially make VideoPoster free at my store!  I want to get it out there, and the script is fine now.  But I’ll get it out for free while I tweak the look of the controller and get detailed documentation together.

February 21, 2008

MuMu Mentions…

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They’re talking about us!

The British Invasion show has received some mention in the world of the SL Press:


Of course, I haven’t been in the New York Times lately (a 2006 SL photo show got mentioned in the Travel section, of all places)

    February 18, 2008

    Masses @ MuMu (show opening)

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    Well what a hoot!

    The British Invasion show at the MuMu opened yesterday, and I am super pleased with how it went. Abbey had a sort of last minute addition of a dance flag (Union Jack high overhead), and it worked out great..

    ….. cause people wouldn’t leave!

    We started at 3 and were still going strong at 7!

    In the first 21 hours, we had 105 unique visitors. A professor at Penn State is showing the exhibit to his Info Sciences and Tech class today in an auditorium. I also saw a pretty good recommendation in the Avastar

    So I am stoked. There are things about the show that I dont think are done, or that I would do differently now. But… to use a Steve Jobs quote: “Real Artists Ship”. Much as I wanted to hold off on the show for a week, I couldn’t (Abbey reminded me we were already announced all over).

    I’ve been asked quite a bit about the video stuff. Much of it along the lines of “I thought you couldn’t do that!”.

    It’s true. It’s impossible!

    Actually, the trick is to key video to the AV on the parcel, not to the entire parcel — Long story short: VidMon will be a product for sale in the not too distant future, and it will make the process of setting up per-user video pretty easy. Of course, the FFRC, info island, and non-profits will get VidMon for free!

    In any case, thanks to all who have come so far.  Come back and peruse when it is quiet.  If you have not been to show yet, please drop by — and pick up a show program at the front desk (or the brick wall).  There’s a good set of show notes in that.

    February 17, 2008

    British Invasion Opens Today

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    The British Invasion show opens today at the Museum of Music!
    This is an immersive event, featuring The Beatles, Stones, Animals, Hermans Hermits, Dave Clark Five, Who, Kinks, and The Yardbirds.  You’ll dig it! 
    Come visit at anytime.  Abbey and I will be on hand at 3 pm for the event. 

    Go To MuMu (

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