April 3, 2008

VidMon Fun in New SL Client … (parcel settings)

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In the new SL Client 1.19.1 series, I have noticed strange video behavior when the media settings for the parcel are set to web.  The video playback will stick to the SL window, as opposed to being on the object.
The short term answer is:  go into the parcel media settings (about land..), and look at the menu for media type.  It should be set to “Video”, not “Web”.

April 2, 2008

Thought for the day, re: pricing

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Musing about a pricing idea for Buckaroo…
Change everything to 100L, and charge 100L a minute for support calls..  :-)

March 31, 2008

Join Buckaroo Group Updates, Get Reimbursement Sale!

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Alrighty You Wonderful Avatars Out There!

I had fun doing the Easter sale. There was one problem with it though …I neglected to use it as an opportunity to get people subscribed to an update list!

So it is time for the “reimburse people who sign up” sale. Up to 500L back!

—- Look See Do —–

1) Go to Buckaroo

2) Find the group signup kiosk. It looks like this:


It is Subscribe-O-Matic,not the silly Linden groups. I’m not going to compete with the Social Currency of being cool enough to be in Your 25! Click and get the occasional blurb from me. No big whoop. You will be given a notecard when you join. Hang on to it.

3) Buy Items. You can get reimbursed for up to 500L. One reimbursement per RL person. See the notecard for details.

4) Update the notecard with your name, and send me a copy. Get the notecard back to me by 11:59 PM SL Time, April 6, 2008.

5) I look it over to see if it qualifies for a reimbursement. There are certain things that wont fly well (dont “New Note” me, dont IM me your demand for reimbursement, etc). Most people are pretty groovy about it, so I am not worried.

That’s pretty much it! Get to my store by Friday, join, buy, save, and be happy!

March 30, 2008

That Sale, Went Well

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Wow, a week later and I have not gotten around to commenting on the Buckaroo sale…

It went well!

Just to recap, it was a sale where people came in, bought whatever, and sent me notecards for reimbursements for up to 2000L. It ran for 4 days — ending on Easter.

I took in 54,000L, and reimbursed most of that. But… the important thing to me were the contacts I made. They are so much more important to me than the money. (ok, well the money is nice too, and I did get to keep enough to make me smile :-)

So … I am going to do it again — although in a revised format. That comes up in the next blog post.

Some thoughts:

  • this was wonderfully audacious. It gets the products out there, and it gives me a ton of feedback. I wont sit still — you know I will step up and iterate on the products and the docs…
  • OMG, some people dont frikken read! I got a “New Note” notecard. I got a notecard basically saying “may I have my reimbursement?” with absolutely no other info. It was very tempting to just toss these. Sure I can wade through all of the transactions and piece together what someone bought — but hey people — you are getting it for FREE! Accounting 101 is appreciated :)
  • One person came in, maxed out the 2000L, and then came in as his alt and almost maxed that. How can I tell? Almost the exact same AV profile pic with a multigadget earpiece! No, I didn’t ban him, though it was tempting ;) People, if you need the discount that badly, come and talk to me. I am a really accommodating person.
  • I made a huge mistake! I didn’t have any means of getting people to sign up for my product updates group (slaps forehead). Blown opportunity there. I could have had 75 people sign up…
  • … but of course, I learn from my mistakes. I have a group with Subscribe-O-Matic and will do promotion to get the list going. That will be in a post I do pretty soon. The gist of it will be: join the group – which will give you a notecard with instructions, buy stuff, send me the notecard, and get up to 500L reimbursement.

January 11, 2008

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Whee – It’s out there!
(more after the cheesy pretty picture)

WebMon 2.5 Ad

I released WebMon 2.5 today.  Those who make their way to the Info International Reference Desk can get it for free for a limited time.  WebMon will always be free for non-commercial use on the Info Island Archipelago (can send me a notecard in-world requesting copies for project or personal use).
This is also a commercial product — the first one available from Buckaroo.  More on that bit soon.
To do much more with WebMon, I could go in three directions:
  1. use a second script in the object to handle more sophisticated item giveaway, larger bookmark list, more customization options
  2. make use of an external web site, in order to integrate RSS feeds from multiple sources
  3. make use of my Protean client/server scripts, in order to do swaps of WebMon objects from one topic to another

The goal will always be to keep things simple — throw URLs into a notecard and use it.   The README file details the options which can be added to the “urls” notecard, but they certainly are not required to get going.