VideoPoster 1.0 Documentation


VideoPoster is the first of three video products offered by my store: Buckaroo.

This is the simple case of per-person video. Point to a movie, set a backdrop, handle any permissions issues, and enjoy.

Per-Person video means that you and others can watch the same screen independently. You can watch the same, or different videos, at the same time. You can also have multiple screens within a parcel. In short:

Oh, and you can mirror your screen elsewhere in the same parcel :)


Creative Commons License
VideoPoster is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States License.

Configuring and Using VideoPoster

  1. Point to a movie
  2. Decide on a texture
  3. Handle any permissions issues
  4. Reset and Enjoy
  5. Loop and Stop

VideoPoster handles a single video. It is meant to be used in an area where you want your users to walk up, click, and see something specific. The VidMon products are much more flexible, but have the additional step of using menus to facilitate video selection.

1. Point to a movie

To change the movie, edit the description:


You will want to use the full url. If it is a movie that would work in the ‘About Land -> Media’ dialog, it should be fine here.

2. Decide on texture for thumbnail/poster

The texture you specify for the poster will be the screen for the movie.


You can use whatever you want. Drag it into the inventory and make sure it is named “screen-texture”. You may want to rename the one provided, as a backup.

Note that the movie must be supported by QuickTime, and play in SL. Do not point at Flash videos. They wont work.

3. Handle any permissions issues

Try resetting the VideoPoster and click on it. If you are the owner of the land, and it works, you can skip the part about deeding the VideoPoster to a group.

If the video does not play, you may need to deed the object to the group that owns the parcel. Explaining the ins and outs of group membership and deeding is beyond the scope of this document. The gist of it is: you want to set the object to the group that owns the parcel, share it with group, and deed it:


If you are unsure about this step, you should call upon the parcel owner or group admin to help. Do not forget to thank them!

4. Reset and Enjoy

If you have made changes to the description or inventory, reset the object.

Click on the object to start the video. Some videos may take a while to load (especially if they are not hinted for streamed playback).

5. Loop and Stop

When you click on the object, you will notice that you get a blue dialog in the upper right corner of your SL client window:


The “<Loop>” button will enable the video to continuously loop (for just you)

The “[Stop]” button will stop the video and restore the screen texture (also just for you)


Note: You need to use the address that resolves to the movie.  Pointing at a web page which happens to contain a movie (among many other things) will not work.


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